Meet the Characters

Kalib Hone

Kalib is a 4th generation woodworker who makes a living creating functional pieces of art (imagine glossy wooden bath tubs and Pinterest worthy staircases) for a local biz named NK Woodworking. Building beautiful things for others comes naturally, but taking the time to create for himself not so much. For Kalib, the tiny house is as much a work of art as it is a lesson in giving himself the time and energy he so freely gives to others.

Jana Wardell

Communications Specialist by day, Tiny House builder by night. Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest there isn’t anything better than getting outside of her 9-5 grind and swinging a hammer or sweeping a shop. You can find her secretly trying to swap out whatever’s playing for some T. Swift when Kalib isn’t looking.



Kade Hone

Kade is Kalib’s younger brother by 13 months. He moved here from Utah a few years ago and hasn’t looked back. Raised in the same family wood shop as Kalib, sawdust runs through his veins as he carves out a spot for himself at Big Leaf Mfg. of Seattle doing custom, sculptural, fine wood working. Beau likes him and yes ladies, he is single.



Beau’s favorite things in life in no particular order are water, tennis balls, squirrels, human food, tennis balls and Kalib. He’s 8 in human years, has a pretty face and loves a good walk on the beach or anywhere there might be chance he can go swimming. He is from the suburbs but has adapted well to being a city dog. When he isn’t at the tiny house you can find him snoozin’ or snackin’ on treats.


3 thoughts on “Meet the Characters

  1. Great read thanks! I was curious where you’re planning. On “parking” your tiny house? Within the city? Also have you been following building codes? I want to begin constructing mine in the summer and have some property to put it on however I’m having issues sifting through all the legalities. Do you have any feedback on that topic? Thanks a lot!


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