The Tiny House Couch

I’m just going to call it a blog writing hiatus. It isn’t that we haven’t been working on the tiny house religiously, it’s more that we are at a place where there are a lot of “almost-dones”.

The kitchen shelves, the front door, the bathroom, the plumbing, the lighting…all almost done 🙂 Today I can’t take it anymore though, I have to share a sneak peak of one of them- the couch! It’s not even finished and calling it a ‘couch’ feels like I’m doing it a disservice.

It started with a loose conversation about what the couch or bench would look like. You see, the couch is a very unique piece of furniture in this house because not only is it really the main piece of furniture, it doubles as a storage space- concealing our water tank and filtration system.

After a little discussion and maybe a few beers, Kade offered, “Let me build the couch.”

Excited, we said Awesome- yes please! Kade is one hell of a carver and we knew if he made it- it would be beautiful. One thing to note, Kade is a very methodical artist. He truly appreciates the process of making art and this process can’t be rushed. Knowing our deadline and perhaps a little leery of how long it could take we followed our instincts anyway and let Kade do his thing.





Once he had the shape of the couch figured out, he created a model of it using clay, this helped to make sure he had the proportions right.

Then we glued up a bunch of cherry to make larger sections.






Next the sections were glued into larger pieces which could then be carved.




We did have one small (gushing) injury.


With one half of the couch as a template and the middle section in place, Kalib and Kade began work on the other end.




Finished and sanded, Kalib applied several coats of Daly’s ProFin satin finish and then the couch was ready to be scribed to the floor and attached.

Daly's ProFin



With the couch frame glued and screwed, we went to work building the platform for the cushion. A piece of ApplePly would provide sturdiness, which of course we wanted, but also a lot of weight. To “cut-down” on this weight we literally cut holes out of the plywood using a forstner bit, we then routed the edges so the ApplePly layers were visible and the edges were smooth. This took me an entire day. In the end I precisely drilled and routed 34 circles and two hearts into the ApplePly (okay Kalib routed the hearts).





LOVE this fabric, the picture doesn’t do it justice!


Stay tuned for the finished piece!


3 thoughts on “The Tiny House Couch

  1. Wow – very impressive work! A tiny house with big heart ( love the one Kalib did) . Can’t wait to see more updates from your amazing crew.


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