The Tiny House Couch

I’m just going to call it a blog writing hiatus. It isn’t that we haven’t been working on the tiny house religiously, it’s more that we are at a place where there are a lot of “almost-dones”.

The kitchen shelves, the front door, the bathroom, the plumbing, the lighting…all almost done 🙂 Today I can’t take it anymore though, I have to share a sneak peak of one of them- the couch! It’s not even finished and calling it a ‘couch’ feels like I’m doing it a disservice.

It started with a loose conversation about what the couch or bench would look like. You see, the couch is a very unique piece of furniture in this house because not only is it really the main piece of furniture, it doubles as a storage space- concealing our water tank and filtration system.
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