In the time I’ve known Kalib he has moved five times. Somewhere along the way he acquired some old wood that we then proceeded to move…and move…and move again. To me it was scrapwood. Something for a project. Too nice to throw out, but not really that nice.

I told myself a less reasonable woman would have put her foot down. Would have said no to moving and stacking and moving and restacking the pile. But the truth was, I was a willing participant, trusting Kalib would find some use for it, someday.

Turns out, what I thought was scrapwood was actually aged rough sawn cherry. Kalib had found a steal of a deal through Craigslist that he couldn’t pass up. True it wasn’t flat, straight or even in lengths. But after thickness planing, joining, straight lining, cutting to length, and adding tongue, groove and base grooves- this was no longer a heap of wood needing to be stashed somewhere… Continue reading