American Clay- VOC Free

The SIP walls made the tiny house feel like a real house. They transformed what was a dance floor on a trailer to the shell of a home. We set up lawn chairs inside and just stared at the walls. It felt like a massive achievement. We could just stop now and roll it somewhere. Almost. The truth was, we were still at the very beginning of this project. With walls comes drywall and a finish- but what  kind of finish? What should the inside of the tiny house look like? This is a big decision! And considering the tiny house is going to be moved (at least once!) we had to think about how a finish would tolerate the sway and flexing of the walls. The rigidity of the SIPs allowed us to use a finish such as American Clay instead of a latex based paint. If we had used traditional stick framing, the walls would have moved too much, causing cracks in a clay finish. American Clay is a natural clay product produced in the US that creates a plaster like finish. Prep is easy, simply sand-prime the drywall (just as it sounds- mixing sand with primer) so the wall has ‘tooth’ for the clay to bind to.

Before priming…


After priming…


We chose to go with American Clay’s Porcelina finish, which left the wall as smooth as leather but with a subtle sheen from the crushed mineral. You apply the coats with basic hauk and trowel method. Once a layer has dried you go back over and smooth it out and actually compress it into the wall, giving it the smooth leather like finish.IMG_20141222_173731833 

IMG_20141222_173759475 IMG_20150103_165849107

Up next, milling our own cherry hardwood floors- easily one of my favorite things about the tiny house. Whole new appreciation for things that are handmade.







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