We Saw the Light

Sometimes a weekend comes along that actually recharges you. This blog post will seem out of order, (jumping from installing SIPs to shopping for lighting), but it was a fun weekend and got us out of the tiny house for a change, so let me tell you about it.

Saturday morning, Kade, Kalib, Beau and I set out on an adventure to find the right lights for the tiny house interior. We went to Urban Reclamations first. It has an open, airy warehouse vibe. We parked right up front and Kalib assured me Beau could come in. Greeted by a couple friendly head-pats, Beau took a quick liking to the place, proudly bringing us a piece of scrap wood to see if it was for chewing or not. We wondered around and after some searching, Kalib found a white pendant barn light- well the bones of said light. It was aged and chipped and the wiring had been cut with just a couple inches left dangling. Still, $45 felt like a pretty good deal. So we got it and were on our way.

We made stops at Earthwise and Second Use, but couldn’t quite find what we were looking for. After some quick debating on how to spend the day, Kade needed to get going, but Kalib and I made up our minds to ‘journey’ to Snohomish in the peak of Saturday afternoon traffic. It’s 35 miles or so northeast of Seattle and we made it there in about 45 minutes.

Snohomish is an antique picker’s paradise. There are some stores that are two or three stories with dozens of booths. Some booth’s have themes- Mickey Mouse memorabilia, Coke-a-Cola collector’s items, kitschy kitchen items, while others are a modge podge of someone’s entire life- rusty farm equipment and vintage Pyrex in the same booth.

We walked through almost every store on First Street and a few off the beaten path. We weren’t quite sure what we were looking for…


Incorporates copper, pipe and rope…but not quite right.


A pair of robin’s egg blue dental medical lamps catch our eye…


but they are pretty heavy and at $200 a piece they aren’t in the budget, so we keep looking.


This set of copper industrial lights with pipe fixtures wouldn’t quite work for the size of the tiny house, but gave us some inspiration ($595 price tag on that pair).


Vintage green barn light…these barn lights kept catching our eye 🙂


This lamp has a really cool “pulley” system that raises and lowers the lamp from the pipe you see it hanging from…


This white barn light was amazing, but alas, too large and $195.

Afternoon turns to early evening. There is one place we haven’t checked yet. Unfortunately it’s almost closing time for most these places. We make a run for it.

We enter Collector’s Showcase and are greeted by an exhibitor’s award winning collection of owls- owl teacups, owl figurines, owl silverware, owl ornaments and much, much more, proudly displayed behind lock and key.

The hours we spent trolling pays off quickly. We find an antique desk lamp. It has a green base with an interesting design and relatively plain metal shade that is just begging for a beautiful patina. But we’re not sure. It’s really old. Is it big enough? Will it put out enough light? Would it look right mounted on a wall?

We study it. We love it.

A green desk lamp, a small copper fitting and a white barn light are what we take home from the day. Kalib quickly washes and cleans them up. The next day we fiddle around with them. Kalib hammers a texture into the lamp shade of the green lamp.

IMG_20150427_090126 IMG_20150427_090419

Satisfied with the office light we decide to do what all sane people do- brave IKEA on a Sunday.

We leave everything but necessities in the van. Money and cell phones are all that make the cut. We are free to squeeze and dart through the crowds. We find a little of everything but once we are in the lighting section, you could say we ‘saw the light’. Immediately we are drawn to a black and white lighting cord. Ideas start spinning through us. We could adapt this cord to work with the white barn light. We could create some sort of pulley system and suspend the light from the ceiling over the kitchen sink. Yes!

We make it out of IKEA alive (map to prove it):

Working out at Ikea...not for the faint of heart.

As soon as we are back at the shop, Kalib begins adapting and modifying the cord from IKEA so it can be wired into the wall and suspended from the ceiling via an old tension rod he had just lying around. We used the copper fitting (that we also got at Collector’s Showcase) to be the wall mounting cover. So here it is: 1 vintage farm lamp, 1 IKEA cord, 1 vintage tension rod and 1 copper fitting:

IMG_20150427_090037 IMG_20150427_090626IMG_20150427_090449 

We love it!


3 thoughts on “We Saw the Light

  1. I really enjoyed this post! So glad you guys got out for a field trip and found just the right lighting to fit the space. We had a pulley type lamp with a copper flared shade over the dining room table in the house I grew up in ( copper everything- mom loved her Early American!) and we used to pull it down real low when we played board games or cards. We thought it was magical the way the cord disappeared up into the ceiling!

    Your hammered touches on the green lamp are great, and the new cord with the vintage barn lamp will add tons of personality. Good work- you make it seem so easy and fun :-). Thanks for more pictures as well!


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