The Tiny House Countertop

Okay let’s build a tiny house. Get some plans, build a foundation, frame some walls, add a couple windows. I would wager most people building a house (tiny or otherwise) don’t start with the kitchen countertop. Horse first, then cart right?

Well it turns out you can build the countertop first. Before you even have your trailer or floor or walls for that matter.

To call it a vision sounds trite, but truly I don’t know a better way to capture Kalib’s idea from inception to realization. The pictures are going to speak for themselves but I feel compelled to describe the madness anyways.

Misfit scraps of walnut, cherry, eastern maple, sapele and white oak litter the cold concrete. A table saw, once polished and aligned, is converted to a make shift work bench that frames the future countertop. On a different table, tiny pieces of wood, stand on end, waiting to join the party. Mango, zebrawood, claro walnut and madrone, confident in their celebrity status, wait by idly until time to make their appearance.

The shop is cold. There is a butane heater blasting, but it makes more noise than heat. Still, Kalib sorts and sifts through the scraps. Some from past projects, some from new endeavors, all squirreled away for just the right time. Coast to Coast booms over it all, a nervous caller describing in formidable detail the shape of the UFO and what they were doing just as it landed.

The band saw roars to life. Kalib, the ultimate puzzle master, finds just the right combination.

I stand nearby, shivering, but determined to help. I hem and haw over pieces. I find the perfect combo and scurry it over to Kalib for approval. He looks it over and offers a generous “Uh huh,” before returning to the pieces devouring his attention.

I’m overwhelmed. The perfect pieces elude me. But Kalib finds them. The just-right cuts of walnut. The glowing cuts of zebra. The mirrored cuts of mango.

Literally, piece by piece, he puts it together.

Kade Hone, Kalib’s younger brother, joins the madness. Kade is to wood what a surgeon is to the body. Carving here, sculpting there. Together, Kalib and Kade inlay tiny pieces atop what appeared finished, but after appears perfect.

So here it is. Some pictures that will capture all that I couldn’t. End-grain cuts of beautiful wood, aligned just so. A 2 x 10 foot masterpiece or piece of madness.



IMG_20140810_184140583_HDR IMG_20140810_184422055_HDR IMG_20140810_184430604





2 thoughts on “The Tiny House Countertop

  1. Hey there Kalib and Jana (and Bo/Beau?)! It was so great meeting you all this morning. I love what you are doing as you are sending the message that there is ALWAYS room for art. Good luck to you on your continued tiny house adventures!

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  2. Such an amazing work of art. All these Hone men have a true gift. Kalib’s vision for his tiny home is beautiful and functional at the same time. And just a suggestion… need to add a email subscribe button so people can sign up to follow the blog.

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